1. KAthy Pacheco says:

    I love it! These are amazing! I love the way you captured both personalities! It will be hard to choose favorites!

  2. Franklin Pichardo says:

    Wow so beautiful pics god bless both..

  3. Ichelle Rubero says:

    Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!! You out did yourself once again Ailyn!!

  4. Dalia Lopez Parchmon says:

    Amazing job!!! Great shots of a beautiful couple!!

  5. Damariz Henao says:

    Absolutely beautiful pictures!!! Love love love

  6. Jackie VarMor says:

    Gorgeous pics …. Gorgeous couple!!! Great job as always Ailyn! !!

  7. Evelyn Cabrera says:

    Beautiful pics Love them all! Awesome photogapher and the most beautiful and cutest couple ever! Love you all mucho XOXOXO

  8. Christina Suarez says:

    These photos are fabulous. They are a perfect reflection of who Liana is, Manny is and their relationship!! Job well done.

  9. Luis Gutierrez says:

    Beautiful pictures, congratulations to both of you….

  10. Erika Ramiirez says:

    Perfection you two!! What classy pictures! I love the way they capture your bond!

  11. Tony Kattengell Kaju says:

    BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS, See you all soon.

  12. Gissel Fonseca says:

    They are amazing great Job Ailyn! Cutest couple ever. Lianna you look Bella

  13. Marilyn Herrera Jones says:

    You guys look beautiful

  14. Linita Cruz says:

    You guys look adorable!!!!

  15. Sandy Crespo Casado says:

    Beautiful!! Gorgeous couple.

  16. John Boden says:

    Beautiful photos, you guys are awesome

  17. Terri Watson Ryan says:


  18. Esther Barrionuevo says:

    Amazing pics and beautiful couple!!

  19. Grisel Prego says:

    Wow beautiful pictures. Congrats!!!

  20. Denise Valdes says:

    Absoutly beautiful

  21. Melissa Senesac says:


  22. Melanie Herrera says:

    Great shots of a beautiful Couple! So happy for you guys.

  23. Yvonne Scalise says:

    Just beautiful may you both be blessed with a life of love, happiness, and good health

  24. Jessica Sosa Cajide says:

    Congratulations you too Liana you deserve every happiness. All I’ve known of you is how beautiful of a person you are inside and out. I’ve always admired you for it. It seems you’ve met your match and I am so thrilled for you guys to start your life together. With all my love Jessica

  25. Lourdes Aviles Merlo says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! God Bless! Great job Ailyn!

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