1. Katie Lormann says:

    gorgeous! absolutely amazing wedding 🙂

  2. Maribel Areopagita says:


  3. Marcellus Wallace says:

    These photos are amazing! Beautiful people! Ana Sofia, whatdya say?

  4. James Fleeting says:

    Amazing photos! WTB copy of my wife and I looking awe-some. Not as awesome as the bridge & groom though!

  5. Kimberly Hampton-Sheley says:


  6. Emily Booth Varan says:

    I love these pictures so much 🙂 Much Love and Many Blessings for a Lifetime of Happiness.

  7. Sharon Pomales says:

    Lucia and Elias… Beautiful ceremony! We are so sorry we missed it.

    Ailyn-You captured my friend and her day perfectly.

  8. Sockie Ledee says:

    Bella boda y lindisima novia. Todo mi carino y Felicidades

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